Protectorate of Hlaugwendyn


Shavenmound (Burg)

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A burg of around 1700 citizens, located in the province of Smot, divided by the river Shale. The poor part of the burg lives on the southern side of the river, while the slightly more wealthy lives on the northern side. Five bridges cross the river, the most prominent being the Soldiers Bridge. The burg’s main line of business is lumber, some of it is run down the river Shale to the cities in the lowlands.

On the north side, the most popular inn is the Drunken Mare, a two story tavern with a large common room, a brew and tap house, and six rooms for accomodating visitors. The inn is run by Karol Milkin, a rotund man in his 60ies who knows every face of the local citizens and has no room for any dilly-dallying.

Karol Milkin
Male human, berserker (Monsters Manual)
Overweight, around 60 years. Grey, thin, combed back hair, small blue eyes, neckbeard, bare muscular underarms and large hands. usually wears a light brown linen shirt and dark linen pants under his white apron. His shoes are decent leather shoes, as he stands up and walks around most days.

A native of Shavenmound, Karol knows every nook and cranny, both in the burg and in the surrounding areas. He also knows every patron and their preffered drinks in his tavern, the Drunken Mare, and is overall liked by each and every one. Despite being a large-mouthed and nosey, he maintains a recpectful relationship with each and every patron.

Karol has a giant meat cleaver hung on the wall behind the bar. He claims he took down the previous owner, clearly a giant, with his bare hands so the cleaver is posted as a trophy. In fact, the cleaver is Karol’s main choice of weapon in case he needs to defend himself. Then the cleaver has the stats of a giant axe.

On the south side, the tavern The Knuckle Cracker is a one story building with mainly a common room and a small kitchen. The Knuckle Cracker is run by Marleen Brightwood, a woman in her 30ies who inherited the inn from her husband. Her dream is to make enough money to move to the northern part of the burg, no matter the cost.

Marleen Brightwood
Female human, veteran (Monsters Manual)

The burg also sports a lumberworks – employing most of the functional work force, a smithy, a small jail, all on the northern side. 

The local town hall, called Apple Hall, is located in the furthest north-eastern part of the burg. The burg is governed by the fourth generation in the Marquee family, Gerard Marquee. Formally, mayors are elected, but with the seat running three generations back, nobody any longer believes in democracy.

Gerard Marquee
Male human, noble (Monsters Manual)

Shavenmound is located less than 20 miles from the border to the Republic of Ahetheinas. Ever since The Woe that befell Ahetheinas and flooded the former properous republic with the undead, the burg has struggled with spill overs of the occational ghoul crossing the border in search of food.

Taxes are voluntary, so the burg does not have loads of money, so the palisades needed to hold out the undead is still on the drawing board at the behest of an occasionally lost villager, possibly taken by the undead.

Most of the citizens work with lumbering in the forest surrounding Shavenmound. In particular fir takes up the area in these heights.

The average Shavenmound citizen is poor, though those on the south side – mostly former, injured soldiers or wood workers – are even poorer.