World of Mohalia – Pantheon

The world of Mohalia is as old as time. Civilizations and fauna has come and gone while eons passed, and with them, the gods have watched from up on high.

In Mohalia, the gods are in close contact with the inhabitants – be it humanoids, savages or animals. A cleric can always count on a response when sending a prayer to their god. But so can a small child in vain or an elderly in pain.

The pantheon consist of 12 greater deities and a countless number of lesser deities. To do their bidding, the celestial messengers, called serphims, and their counterparts, called demons or devils, depending on their origin, frequently walks the surface of Mohalia and even mingles with its inhabitants.

The 12 greater deities are as follows:

Pires, god of joy and good fortuneCG
Lumines, goddess of the lightCGThree beams in a fan, spreading top left to bottom right
Seraphin, goddess of poetry and songNGA five stringed lute
Kintara, god of magic and natureLGA radiant tree
Elmeer, god of justiceLGIron-clad glove wielding a hammer
Aren, god of the dead and rebirthLN
Ectori, god of tyrannyLEA fist pointing down
Vorkath, goddess of painLE
Lynk, god of darkness and deathNEA black triangle with a thin, black line around it
Crom, goddess of the seaCEA wave with two tops
Phax, god of liesCEA split tungue
Imrae, goddess of thievesCN
Visual representation of the pantheon across the wheel of alignments.

Reining over the 12 major deities is the Great Mother, Archaeona. She has been ruling the gods of Mohalia across time, dividing power and glory between the different gods as she saw fit.

Now, there is unrest among the evil gods. Good hass been sitting on the throne for too long, so it is time for shaking the godly tree.

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