About me

My name is Casper Helenius.

I was born in Roskilde, Denmark, in 1975, and I grew up in a typical 70’ies nuclear family with my 6 year older brother, Jacob, and my mom, Sonja and my dad, Torben.

Around the age of 6, my dad won a Sinclair ZX-81 with an extended memory module. This was a real eye-opener. I understood nothing, and yet I could do almost anything. The two-color, giant pixel screen with the dark, blinking cursor in the lower left corner still is imprinted in my mind. A few years later, my dad brought home the first PC, an 8086-based gigantic computer with a massive harddrive of 20Megs capacity.

At this point, I was determined: I would be working with computers!

And so it came to pass. Despite my moms insistence that I would not give up my dancing lessons, and my dads insistence that I would keep playing in Roskilde Garden – the local marching band – it was always the computer I turned to when I got home. Oh, I did keep on dancing and I did keep on playing, and eventually, I turned out really good at all three things in my life.

I started playing Dungeons & Dragons – the pen-and-paper-kind – at the age of around 13. We were a handfuld of guys playing together, and we spent most of our teenage years together with AD&D, Call of Cthulhu, Werewolf, Warhammer and other such games. We also did a lot of computer related stuff, and at the age of about 15, I ventured off into LAN-party-land, a regularly returning event that would bring us and out individual friends quite close together over the years.

I skated through gymnasium (the danish equivalent to high school) without anyone ever noticing that I was tech savvy. I was the loner, yet not the outsider, who did not follow the group but trod down my own path. I played a bunch of music, did the yearly musical and otherwise stayed off the drugs and booze my class mates felt and talked so highly about. No, I did not ace it, so you could say that I might as well just have partied along, since I got mostly below average grades anyway.

Almost immediately after graduation, I started working in the IT business, as a data entry assistant and verifier, as an unskilled technician and later, after I finished my education as a computer mechanic, I started working as a java developer within the medical industry. I have worked as a developer ever since, with a single years break were I sharpened my Linux Administrative skills.

Today, I am still working as a java developer.

When not doing computers, I fish and I write. I have this crazy dream, that one day someone will see the things I write, publish it and I will be able to live off writing.

That day has yet to come. However, I do promise to keep you up to date along the way.

I currently live in my hometown, Roskilde, Denmark, with my wife, Sara, and her two kids, my stepchildren. I have two children of my own from my previous marriage, Aya from 2005 and Zille from 2010, staying with us 5 days out of 14 every other week. These 5 people are the most precious to me.


  1. Sarka Bartuskova

    Hello Casper,

    My name is Sarka and I am a teacher at Boserup friskole near Roskilde. I am urgently searching for an experienced DnD dungeon master to hire, for a small group of students and teachers ( on line or in person). Your name popped out. Our wish is to play on Wednesdays from 9.30 for 2-3 hours. Once or two times a month. Would it be something you might be interested in? If not, would you maybe know someone or where to look?

    I am looking forward to hear from you.




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