The world of Mohalia

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Welcome to my world building project.

The world of Mohalia – a homebrew world for roleplaying games – is a continued effort to create an enchanted and titilating backdrop for creating adventures for roleplaying players across the world.

The world of Mohalia has been created through Azgaar’s Fantasy Map to get an easy offset for the world. You can find the map by following this link:

Soon, gazetteers will start to show up here further down the page below the Contents headline. Along with each gazetteer will feature an a short adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 5e to allow you to get a feel for the setting, the area described and the non playing characters inhabiting the various areas.

The purpose of creating Mohalia is nothing more than to provide a little fun, create a world to play around with and in, and of course to keep my writing skills sharp as ever.

The world of Mohalia is entirely my creation, and content follows the Open Gaming License v1.1. Should you find a violation of the OGL, please let me know through webmaster(a)

Any suggestions for content can be emailed to worldofmohalia(a)