About my work

The most interesting parts of my previous and current work, is the parts the evolve around writing and web development.

Web development:

  • DANBIT.com – I was educated at DANBIT, a small-scale private hardware dealer. During the late 90’ies, I took a great part in developing the company website, based on PHP and MySQL, including a conceptual webshop (never published, but replaced with similar code a few years later – and in service today).
  • Coloplast.com – In the years 2001 to 2005, I participated in developing the proprietary CMS developed by Coloplast A/S, based on Lotus Notes. Most notably – and challenging – I did an extensive integration towards MapQuest.com. Another groundbreaking achievement, was a collaboration with a colleague, to upgrade Lotus 6 Java engine from 1.2 to 1.5, and further more develop a form builder for our site management department – all built using Java Swing and XML. I also did quite a bit of Lotus SameTime development, disclosing a bug in the installation script from IBM, leading to a printed how-to-fix-it article in Lotus Advisor.
  • TNT Freight Management – While working as an administrator, I took part in developing easy to use administrative tools for our first level supporter, so she could perform repetitive and tedious tasks from a web browser.
  • TELMORE.dk – Since 2006, I have worked as a java developer for TELMORE, a danish teleoperator. This includes working both front end and back end, integrating with 3rd party software, technologies like xHTML, WAP, Hibernate, Spring, Struts 1/2 and expert level experience in Fatwire Content Server.
  • Nordea – Since 2012, I’ve worked with Nordea twice. First, as java developer, team coordinator, consultant supporter and what not within the credit area, building and maintaining tools for doing credit assessment.
  • Saxo Bank – In March, 2015, I was headhunted to a position as team lead at Saxo Bank. We didn’t agree on my terms for driving the team, so I left after 5 months.
  • Nordea – Came back to Nordea to help a team that had ripped at the seam. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was due to poor management, so I once more accepted an offer given to me by a head hunter.
  • Top-Toy A/S – Head hunted to a position as a backend java developer, exchanging a SiteCore drive online shop with a more visionary SAP/Hybris based commerce solution. After having finished my two main projects with Top-Toy, rewriting the CRM backend in Java and overseeing and preparing the Hybris roll-out, I felt it time to move on. So I did end July 2017.
  • Bankernes EDB Central AmbA (BEC) – Recruited by an internal HR employee to join BECs internal consultancy and offered a position as integration and Apex developer with a new, SalesForce based project. Position is as an internal consultant, so when the SalesForce contract expires, I will move on to another internal project in BEC. This is what I have imagined as my dream job for several years.
  • SAXO.com – Participated in their first online writing course. Most of my entries received quite good comments, all asking for “More!”.
  • NYC Midnight – Participated in the 2010 Short Screenplay Competition and finished somewhere in the middle after two rounds, which was very satisfying.
  • Nordea – Wrote a guide for how to stay in Copenhagen for 3+ months, targeted at our India consultants.
  • DMsGuild.com – Am still writing D&D Adventurers League community modules.
  • Wizards of the Coast – Contractual writer for official D&D Adventurers League modules.