Den Lille Fede,
Store Kongesngade 17,
1264 København,

Visited on June 8th, 2013. Rating 5 out of 5


Went here with a bunch of colleagues and was pleasantly surprised by, well, every aspect of the stay.

We had the 5 course dinner, and all of the five dishes were equally unique, tasteful and delicious!

Admitted, I do not often go for this kind of food. I mostly aim for steaks and the likes.

However, the mediterranian cuisine of Den Lille Fede is so well balanced in taste, my guess is that most people would find both the food and the service well worth the while. On a note, the first two dishes had varying hints of fish, so be warned about this beforehand.

The service was busy, yet very polite and professional topping off the food, making the visit memorable and recommendable.

I can give Den Lille Fede my warmest recommendation, so if you stop by Copenhagen, do search out this wonderful, slightly hidden gem in Store Kongensgade.