Plazza del paese,

Visited on May 10th, 2013. Rating 5 out of 5


This is what we have been looking for the entire week…

A real, genuine, greek restaurant with real, genuine, greek food!

Amalia is that restaurant, and next time we come to Rhodes, we will travel all the way to Apolakkia to eat at Amalia again.

This place = GREAT food!

My girlfriend ordered the traditional greek Stifado, and I went – as usual and in my neverending hunt for the best of the best – for Mousakka. To stock up on water, we orderes a large bottle of spring water as well as a cold Coca Cola for the driver. Fortunately, the food did not show up immediately. This was a good, no great, sign! This food is actually more or less created while you wait! No frosen dish being flung into the microwave, no tv dinners, no crappy food. This is the real stuff of which greek heroes are made.

The mousakka arrived first. It was hot – ripping the insides of your mouth to pieces hot. As it should be! No microwave can heat any food up to that kind of degrees. And it tasted delicious, immediately jumping in as a number 2 on my list of all time best mousakkas (no 1 is still that sneaky old taverna by the sea near Tavronitis in Crete). Amazing food! The stifado arrived just minutes after, also steaming hot and tasty as no other dish we have been served here in Rhodes. the meat was tender as molten butter and the sauce was filled with wonderful tastes of cinnamon, the onions, tomato, bay leaves and all the other good things that go in a good stifado.

The price of the entire meal was only around €15, making it our cheapest, most tasteful and delicious meal ever, and of course, we can only recommend this place to other travellers in the southern part of Rhodes.