Tavern Sarris,
8 Evdimou Square,
Medieval Quarter,
Rhodes Old Town,

Visited on May 8th, 2013, rating 2 out of 5

Had lunch here with the girl friend. Very nice location off the main streets of Rhodes Old Town in a little green square with authentic ruins and a few other restaurants.

Service was very nice indeed (but please stop trying to speak the guests native language, it’s pityful and annoying – work on your english and food instead), friendly and smiling and very swift.

Unfortunately, too swift. We had both pork gyros with pita topped with a mild tzatiki, the best fries in Rhodes and half a slice of tomato as greens. Apart from the actually edible tzatiki and very crisp and aptly salted fries, the food was way below average. Serving half a slice of tomato as greens is to under-do it, and not in the cool way. Cool, however, was the pork, having barely ever seen nothing but the insides of a micro wave oven. Tasteless, under-seasoned and too fat, this is a dish we would not recommend here.

On top of this, the prices were in the higher end, totalling at €25 for the two meals and two canned Cokes.

There definitely must be better places to go in the old town.