101 Irakleidon,
85101 Ixia,

Visited on May 7th, 2013, rating 5 out of 5

Went here for lunch today with the missus, inspired by the TripAdvisor reviews, and though it may not come nowhere near Copenhagen master kitchen, Noma, it still was a very delightfull experience.

We ordered a round of sausage with mustard sauce, one huge bruschetta and one dish of pork gyros. This, with 2 Coca Colas, totalled around €25,- a fair price in our opinion.

The food seemed cooked from the base, which made it very delicious. The sausage was not too strong in taste, the bruschetta well composed with herbs, tomatoes and feta cheese and though the gyros plate was a little oil soaked from the fries, it had all the taste you could ask for.

This, topped off with an über friendly staff, made this a memorable stay and left us wanting more.