When a young couple looses their baby daughter in a car accident, they each try to cope with the accident the best they can. How do you forgive the unforgivable? And place a responsibility that cannot be placed?

In a small town community, a wicked gun-man attacks a college. In the aftermath, local politicians try to force gun control. As a local pro-gun group demonstration runs out of control, the small community is left torn apart over the middle. What will it take to bring once-good-friends back on terms with each other?

Two friends, one fit, slender and charming but disrespectful to women, the other overweight, out-of-shape and without any confidence but with a heart of gold, falls in love with the same woman. Can their friendship survive the sudden competition from the other?

A plane midair over the Atlantic Ocean, suddenly finds itself in a time pocket. The staff must keep the passengers from panicking, while a handful of them tries to figure out why they got stuck – and how to get them safely back home.

On the arctic ice, a huge, unknown structure is suddenly discovered in an otherwise known area close to Thule, Greenland. A physicist and a geologist is joined by a handful of soldiers from the local army base, set out to solve the mystery. What they find will change the power balance in the world forever – but to their allies advantage or not?