When a hoarding woman sees her cramped up house destroyed by fire, consuming both her 4 year old son and all her things, she finds herself forced to take a few steps back – all the way back to where all her problems started, with her overprotecting parents and all the memories of her lost childhood.

The mayor of a mid-sized city, suddenly find himself the object of a public investigation for a million dollar embezzlement, initiated by a pair of journalists from the local tabloid paper. But is the procured evidence real?

A tv photographer, working on a documentary police programme, witnesses and records the down slaughter of 2 police officers, he suddenly finds himself running for his life from both the murderers and his sensationalist boss.

A secret agent gets his hands full, when a 100kW laser is stolen from a German engineering company – with the ability to cut through metal from miles away. With a clear and present threat against the bridges of New York, he only has 48 hours to identify the thieves and stop their evil scheming.

Near Stonehenge, UK, geocaching youngsters find an alien device. Unintentionally, they set off a series of events, that will leave the world with now insights on the construction of Earth. And the universe.