A young boy with a terminal illness, moves into a new house with his mom and stepdad. In his new room, a loose wall panel opens up a doorway to a fantastic world. On the other side, he must side with a tormented dwarf and a band of bards to battle a vicious dragon and an army demon general, before he can return to his ordinary life. Or can he?

Roger, an old man living alone in his cabin in the woods, wakes up one winter morning, to find foot steps in the snow leading away from his front door. How can this be? While investigation what is going on, he eventually must come to the ultimate realization. Could the foot steps be his own?

In the woods outside town, a roleplaying teenage girl falls and lands in a puddle of goo. 48 hours later, her body is missing from the morgue and the hunt for the living dead girl is on across the country side and the city. Is she infectious? Will she attack and bite the other citizens? Is the city on the verge of a zombie epidemic?

A single mom responds to an email stating that she has won a LOT of money in a seemingly fake draw. Suddenly, her life take a surprising turn, as she finds herself on the plane to Nigeria, going for the adventure of a life time – some glittering things _are_ actually gold…

Having auditioned for a make-over TV show, a stay-at-home mom is suddenly confronted with cameras and honest criticism, as well as her troubled youth, a bullying father and a silent mother. Can life be repaired after 30 years of letting be?