During the revolution in Laos, 1975, as the borders were closed, a New Zealand monk spends the long days teaching his young danish apprentice the now forbidden language of English. As the revolution comes to an end, the country finds itself in a troubling situation with no English speaking citizens. Help is required from the two monks, but can they be convinced to help the country that kept them under lock-down for 5 years?

A young boy, his father a hopeless drunk, his mother dead from cancer, sets out in the local neighborhood to find his lost puppy. Surprised by bullies and bad weather, he seeks shelter in a large drain pipe. Inside the drain system, he discovers an old mans living quarters – the quarters of Santa himself. Santa and the boy must help each other overcome forgetfulness, loss and fear, before they both can look towards a brighter future.

When native american, Jake, loses his father, he sets out on a journey back to his root. A journey, taking him across cultures and ethics, and most of all, a journey into him self to resolve an old question in his mind.

A young New York catholic priest, dreaming of reopening the childhood church of his mexican mother, suddenly finds himself with the means to make his dream come true. In Mexico, the church is overrun by a local drug gang. Can he bring back faith to this crime ridden community before his money runs out? And is God stronger than money?

A divorced computer programmer is entangled in a drug exchange gone wrong. With a vengeful ex wife, a drug gang and the Chinese mafia on his heels, he must find a way to save himself – and raise $250.000 before midnight.