A young man inherits a tiny one roomer from a distant uncle. The apartment turns out to have an unseen resident. One night, the young man is pulled across to the realm of the dead, to settle an old bill of his uncle. Can he save his life and return to the world of the living?

A talented rugby player is struck by a near fatal injury on the field, leaving him with an amputated leg. He must struggle to find a new life for him, for his relationship and for him self as he makes his way back to a normal life.

When a teenager is killed in a freak accident, his girl friend discovers an odd entity in the photos from the traffic camera recording the accident. As other young people starts to die in strange accidents, she puts the pieces together, leading to an old slave myth of the bicentenial year of reaping. What will it take to stop Death himself?

A human must battle a variety of xenomorphs in fierce gladiatorial battles, while raising a rebelion against an oppressing alien race. Can he succeed in breaking the foundation of this alien world? And maybe even save his life?

A salvage fleet discovers a downed Nazi ufo on the bottom of the antarctic sea, leading a group of treasure hunters to a forgotten base under the thick ice. Inside the base, technology beyond their imagination is hidden, including a perpetual power source. Can they handle the pressure from such a treasure? Does greed weigh more than commeradery? What is the price for loyalty and is the world prepared to have the most essential of all engineering questions answered by nazi Germany?