Day 3:
Write a setting based on the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen.

“The school hall was hot as a steamer, even with the doors – lined up door frame to door frame along the sides of the hall – wide open. The african nights was usually cool, but not tonight.

Never the less, the band played and the people danced. The music filling the room, was traditional high life. The single string guitar riffs billowed its high pitched, sometimes off-keyish, notes through the huge speakers along the groovy beat from the drummer.

The band, a 24 piece dance band from Scandinavia, had found the zone where it all gels. The audience was dancing, singing along, swaying, enjoying – with some humour – the white folks humble attempt of playing their traditional pop music.

The was a bridge part in the music. The drummer kept a beat going, the bass player plucking intensely along. The audience anticipating. The director raised a hand. The band members following the slight waving of the index finger. The brass section readied their instruments.

As the directors hand came down, the first 4 signature notes of Paul Simons ‘You can call me Al’ was trumpeteered into the school hall. In that instant, the audience of 800 dancing Ghanean girls, lit up the hall with 800 bright smiles with shiny white teeth.

Joy, recognition and pure happiness filled the band members, as the audience cheered, jumped and started singing along.”