I have decided to make the dream become real.

I want to go from writer to author.  That is, from writing for /dev/null or the drawer (or just imagining writing instead of actually doing it) I want to write a novel, that will be published.

As a part of this process, I decided to invest in Randy Ingermansons excellent book, “Writing for Dummies” – we all got to start somewhere 🙂

So, to manifest my dream into reality, I am going to make this statement to the world:
I’m going to write a novel and get it published. I’m going to do it because writing a novel is worthwhile and because I have the talent to do it. I’m going to do it because I have something important to say to the world. I refuse to let anyting get in my way.

To break free from the deadly grip of creative terror I have been caught in since my last “public” writing (the split 20th position in a screenplay content – how can I compete with that??) I have chosen to start off with a little help. By the help of Brian Klems, author at Writers Digest and blogging father, I will follow his 12 day programme for becoming a better writer.

Wish me luck. Not sure that I will need it, but you never know 😉