Billund (DK) – Gregersminde – ****.

Billund (DK) – Gregersminde – ****.

Stilbjergvej 4b,
7190 Billund,

Visited on May 5th, rating 4 out of 5

Spent a single night with the girl friend, as we were leaving for Greece from Billund Airport early the next morning.

Prompt replies to emails, nice room with a double bed, had no problems with our late arrival and definitely all the value you could imagine for such a low price.

Gregersminde offers long-time parking if you have stayed in their rooms, first week is free, then it’s less that €10 a week.

Thus, we can only recommend this place, either for cheap stays when visiting the Billund area (such as LEGO Land Theme Park) or when going abroad at a cheaper price than what Copenhagen Airport can offer.

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